Monday, June 04, 2007


Sometimes you get stuck in a diabetes rut. Your kid wakes up, checks the blood sugar, tells you an either unfortunate or frightening number, ex. "its 201" or "it's 47". You wake up, make breakfast, or tell them to get a waffle and skim milk, and they do it. The bolus or they forget to bolus. Mostly they forget to bolus and they tell you they did anyway.... You finish showering and drink a half cup of coffee, which for some reason has lost its flavor to you.... Then you check the bg an hour later and it is near 400.
"Did you bolus?" you ask,
"yeah" they say, and roughly translated from school aged kid to english this means, "no, but I dont want you yelling at me, so I am just going to say I did."
You correct, you send him out to play.
You call him in to check.
The other kids watch silently while their friend runs home to make himself bleed.
And you realize... it is his diabetes... not mine.