Thursday, July 17, 2008

Give 'em enough rope...

Sometimes you know someone who has a big need to fulfill. It is hard to understand why... I mean, we all have needs, desires, everyone wants to feel important. But there is always someone who has some innate desire to step on you to fill thier soul.

It always starts out in a mild mannered way. They ask your advice, and they listen intently... take notes... And you share, because, it is cool to help, it makes you feel good... Anytime someone gives you a good idea, you tell someone else what a good idea that person gave you. You credit them, because they were cool to tell you.
And then later you walk into a room and see that they are telling someone about "the great idea they came up with."

And you cock your head to one side, and say, "but---- I-----" then to the other side, and then you just shrug and let it go... because, hey, it was a good idea, and just because it was originally yours, doesnt mean that you need recognition for it... Heck, if that person needs it so much, let them have it, right? They know deep down who's idea it was, so they cant really feel that good, can they? No not really. To each his own..... Que Sera Sera...... What it Is Bro,

Then you notice they are doing it again. "Hm. Well, Ok. thats a little annoying, I mean, I can see once, but again... Is this person going to tell every good idea I ever had and say its hers?" You ask yourself.
"Probably," you answer, because, who else is going to answer when you talk to yourself? "Better not tell her anything else good..."
Because that is just uncomfortable.
And not that big of a deal, at the same time... so why does that person keep doing it?
"some people are just weird" you tell yourself, and since you grew up pretty adequately socialized, you can't assume everyone knows how to just be a decent gal.... so... You just let it go. Its a Huge Faux Pas, but those things happen. Maybe that person never had a chance to be like that in Jr. High, so you just have to let it happen.

Then you notice that person sort of.... trying to put you down... Hm.
Well, OK thats fine...
And you just let it go on, because, who's the one really looking bad, here...
You have faith in people, that they can eventually see peoples motives, and once they see it, they will lose respect.

You know you do when your co-worker constantly puts down someone that works alongside him.... and constantly puts himself up... You lose respect, and so you just silently let go...

But you are still, ever wondering, just what this person thinks she is doing...
And just how far she will go.

And you throw out more rope to her, because... Sometimes that is all you can do.