Monday, November 23, 2009


Nolan has now officially retired from having diabetes. He is done, he has said, "I'm out!" and no longer wants to have anything to do with it.

And I dont blame him.

For almost five years, he was an ideal "diabetic" and endured all of the lameness of being sick and feeling crappy and shots and sites, and pokes, and lows and highs, and restrictions at times, and everything else a kid can go through.

Even when he was being diligent about his diabetes, with my help, he did still hear a lot about how he was maybe "faking" his low blood sugars, and "faking" feeling sick, or "playing games with his food" so that he could be high, or low, and go to the nurses office at school.
Because all of us know, there is no more rockin' place on earth than the nurses office.

If everyone accuses you of it... I guess, why not?
So it gave him a good idea. One night, when he was asleep, he somehow disconnected his pump, and consequently woke up at over 600 with ketones. Of course, he also had not eaten since dinner, so that did not help the case. I cant take him to school like that, and he had to stay home.

So, after that happened, he disconnected again, and again, and again. I dont know if he is doing it in his sleep, or if he is just doing it, but finally I started putting a tegaderm OVER the site at night before he goes to bed, which he despises, but it works.

He lies to me about what his blood sugars are, and wont show me his meter... I have to make him show me every time now, and he hates that.

I know that it stinks, and he really does understand why I need to do so much of that.... I would like to turn it over to him soon, but right now, he wont do anything.
He does not want to.

And why would you? when your parents ask what your bg is and you tell them 340, and then you get a myriad of questions as to why, and you dont really care, you just want to make the biggest lego airplane you can...
Did you eat something,
are you feeling ok?
Did you wash your hands first?
"I dont know, ma... I just want to be a kid"

And so, for now, I continue to sneak up on him and look at his pump, or I try to ask him when he is in a good mood, but often it is a fight. But, he is alive to fight with me.
And that is what is important.