Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Guessing game

I GUESS I started a little controversy with the advocating blog. I am getting a little annoyed by posts telling me NOT to be angry about my sons treatment at a program he attended... And is has become all about religion to this lady.
All I want to do is blog about Diabetes, because, I like to read from other D people, and get feedback, and advice. This is supposed to be a place where I feel like I am understood.
I guess there will always be some folks that take offense to something.
Many thanks to Denise and Angela, for their eloquent ways of pusing to point to places that I, for emotional reasons and not able to put it.
Love to all,
and to my D friends, Good luck, Good numbers.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hope that with the creation of the "God Bless Support and Praise the Ever Perfect TT" blog, you'll be allowed to continue to focus on the real intent of your blog.



Jen said...

LOL God bless support and praise the hell right out of you!

A Journey of a Mom said...

Jen, So sorry about all that went on. You've always written an excellent D blog, and if that lady can't get it, then delete her comments :D
You're a great mom, and really should be up for mother of the year. You LEARN from your mistakes, which shows how good of a person, and mom you are.
Keep the posts coming. I love reading what you write!

Jen said...

Thanks so much. I love to read yours too, and all blogs having to do with D make me happy, get me through the day sometimes, you know?
I will leave peggys posts there, because, seeing as this is a blog about Diabetes, I think her comments speak for themselves!
Thanks for the support.

nicole said...

Ok, I missed the whole dang thing! You need to put a blog link in your email siggy so I remember to check here! Off to find the offending poster and beat her up ;-P