Thursday, October 25, 2007

Your nurse

Your relationship with your nurse can make or break your treatment in so many ways.
I am so happy to say that I LOVE Cheryl at Dr. Guptas office. She is quite possibly the most supportive and wonderful person I have dealt with in Nolans whole diabetic career.

If your nurse seems unhappy with her job... that should tell you something. If your nurse seems wholistic in her cares for your child... that should also tell you something.

I once fired a doctor I was going to, (you heard me, I fired her... you see... without you, THere is no job.. nobody to doctor. YOU have the right to go to as many doctors as you want until you feel like you are at the right one.)

I fired her because I could hear her throwing a fit from the waiting room. I could hear her yelling obsceneties at her nurses.

I wont contribute a dime to a person like that.
So I left, and I told her nurses why.

I dont imagine whe ever got the message, but at least I stpopped supporting someone like that.


Top Shelf said...

yo're a blogger or a booger one of the two...danny

Jen said...

Yes, I am one of the two. I would tell you which one but wouldnt that run the fun of it all? anyone from the eastern Iowa area should check out this guys blog, he has posted a photos of his work. He does historic remodeling, and is an architectural artist..
actually anyone should check him out.. he is very talented.

Misty said...

Well written article.