Monday, January 08, 2007

Infusion set update

I am just posting a quick update to the infusion set excitement. I think they are good. I think they stay in better with the two stickies, and the stainless steel catheter seems to do a good job, leaves a smaller "mark" and may heal faster.
I am bringing two of them to a nurse I work with who is may be developing a latex allergy. I am concerned for him. I am always glad he talks to me and shows me stuff so it is not so much of a surprise when my son calls me at age 25 and says, "I have a hard spot in my stomach". I can refer back to this nurse from work who is a type 1 and pumps... and then hopefully I will be updated when he has an answer.
The drawback to this infusion set is that you have to pull it straight out, or it will REALLY hurt. (Even though you really should try to pull that flexible catheter out straight, it does bend) IT will cut you if you pull only one side of the tape. So, removal is not so quick, but maybe it shouldnt be.
So far so Good.
There is a job for a CDE in my town... I am very very interested, but as a relatively new nurse, slightly unqualified. I am really hoping my charm and charisma and passion for all things diabetes will help me win them over. It is, after all, my ultimate goal.
I just watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" this weekend with my boys. So, I am in the mood of the optimist. Tomorrow I'll be after stalking the Head of Diabetes Ed down at the hospital that I dont work at. I am also going to call the Diabetes Ed department where I work and see if they will consider taking on a trainee.
The hours are better too.


A Journey of a Mom said...

Sounds like a neat infusion set! If we ever decide to make the switch I will have to give the metal ones a try.
I hope you can get a, or the job in the line of diabetes. Our CDE is certified in diabetes care, and has been at it for a while, while our nurse at our endo's office isn't certified, but has real life expirience since her 2 sons and her DH all have type 1. I would really rather get advise from our endo's nurse, it is usually more practical, and works better. But she knows how it is when you've got a sick child with a b/g of 400, and can relate real life to questions better. So I really hope you get the job. With your passion, and first hand knowledge you would be a great gift to those who you would help. Good Luck, Jamie

Jen said...

Thanks so much! I am a nurse working at the skilled unit of a hospital in my city. I want that CDE job, as i am enrolled to get my BSN, and then my CDE will come after or during that mess. Only problem is that I am a new nurse, they like two years of med surg experience...
I like your blog and your family is full of cuties!

Anonymous said...

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Precious said...