Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Sometimes Diabetes falls back to the back of our little world and is so unnoticable that I almost... just almost forget it is there. It is second nature, just like a breastfeeding mother yanks her shirt up without thinking to feed her baby and then realizes, "Oh, yeah, I am at the grocery store" Diabetes is such a part of our lives... we do tend to yank out the syringe no matter who is looking. We dont try to be private about it. We just live with it.
When I think of Nolan, I never really forget that he has diabetes. I think of it when I think of him now. If he comes up in conversations, I always picture him, standing in his blue jeans and t-shirt, insulin pump attached to the belt loop, his shoe laces making me crazy by hanging all over the floor.
But sometimes as he is playing, or getting into trouble... It is not there immediately. First and foremost he is my quirky little boy, who loves to learn about Ireland, and the Titanic, and Ancient Egypt, build with legos, play the drums, ride his bike, play outside and help me make dinner by cutting onions until he cries, and then going and trying ot fool his little brother into thinking he is crying because he got hurt. But it comes to mind eventually.
I watch him, concentrating on drawing something and instead of wondering what type of wonderful little thoughts are going through his artistic mind, I wonder, " what is his Blood sugar right now?" or worse... "will he take care of himself when it is out of my hands?" or worse still...
Then there are times when I say, OH crap... we should have done a site change. How could I forget?
SO its not just about the sugar....


A Journey of a Mom said...

The wondering what b/g is, and if he will grow up and take care of himself and even missing a site change I think ring true for all parents. I was looking at Julia this morning as she was watching the snow fall, and wondering if her i:c was right, or if I need to tweak her ISF. Only as a second thought did I wonder about the wonderful things that must be going through her head. I think it is just the nature of the beast to drive us to that point because we love our children so much, and safety always has to come first.
Our kids are so much more, and we do know that, see that, and cherish that, and that is what is important.
I hope things are going well.

Jen said...

LOL BG is blood glucose. what is i:c and ISF? LOL that is funny that we have all of these terms and I forget there are so many

A Journey of a Mom said...

Hehe, Sorry. ISF = insulin sensitivity factor. I:C = insulin to carb ratio. Even the diabetic world has their own terms, lol. T1D, if you didn't know what you were looking at you'd never guess that it was type 1 diabetic. It took me a few minutes the first time I read it.