Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NEW infusion sets

As I sit here blogging, my children are arguing over who is or is not the cheater in the next room. "MOM!!!!!! Nolan's cheating!!!"
"No, I'm not, you're the cheater here."
A real big part of me wants to waltze in and tell them in a matter of fact tone... "you're nine and six. your BOTH cheaters by nature, so get used to it!"
But I let them work it out. I play dead until the whining subsides.
We got new infusion sets today. I cant wait, I almost want to do a site change right now.
Funny how when your child is first diagnosed with D, you say out loud, "we cant wait for a cure" and you research all the options, transplants... islet cell research... all kinds of stuff.
And you say things like, "we will never use a pump, it is too cumbersome" or whatever it is that you forsee or rule out right away. Eventually you coem around...
But you also went out and bought more sugar free food than could fill a shopping cart, and then... after all the malitol induced diarrhea, shoved it all back to the back of the pantry and went shopping for normal people food.
For us, when Nolan started the pump... I saw all the infusion sets, and immediately balked at one in particular.
It was cool in that it had two stickies, so that if you pull one... you should be ok, you have to pull that one completely off to even start yanking on the second one... kinda cool.
But the thing I did NOT like was that the needle stayed in! EW!!!! a plastic catheter is better, it will bend and flex, and not puncture a vital organ... I mean, who needs to have a perforated bowel at age nine? OK that is going a bit far, I know, but still! Its the idea of the metal in him.. now, a if he chose to get piercings Id understand, and make him wait til he was 18, but that is his own choice. This set seems more intrusive... I guess..
But after using the catheters for a few months, seeing how long it takes him to heal from a site...
and how they fill with tissue and skin junk... making the site go bad relatively quickly... I started to look at that little surgical steel needle one.
It is thinner, and wont kink under the skin and get full of interstial goo too quickly.
When UPS came my 6 year old ran out to greet him happily. He came in and handed me the box with a big smile on his face.
He thought it was another Xmas gift that my husband had ordered for me on the slowest shipping method possible.
But it wasnt.
It was more exciting..
It was the new infusion sets.
I was the only one thrilled, and my kids quickly made their way to the other room to start accusing each other of cheating on whatever game they were playing, while I marvelled at the new sets...
that's right.... I am a pump nerd.


A Journey of a Mom said...

Jen, I know the feeling. There is nothing like getting new medical equipment! Please keep us posted on how the metal ones work out.

Turneryecb said...

Jen, I know the feeling. There is nothing like getting new medical equipment! Please keep us posted on how the metal ones work out. Jamie